Brown Law LLC represents insurance and reinsurance companies across a range of insurance products and lines of business including professional liability, commercial property, builder’s risk, cyber/technology, construction, employment liability, products liability, and commercial general liability.

We love to win but at Brown Law LLC winning means addressing the resolution of the dispute with a smart, efficient, cost-effective approach that takes into account the total litigation cost to the client; the amount of legal fees & third party costs, the time to resolution and the impact on the business and business relationships not just the verdict obtained or settlement achieved.

Our challenge is to deliver both absolute results and cost effective legal representation to the client. Part of that means keeping legal expense proportional to the targeted result whether the engagement is on an hourly rate basis or on a variety of the alternative fee arrangements clients demand. It requires a focus on budgets and predictability of legal expense.

We tailor our fee arrangements to the litigation management objectives of the client and the demands and complexity of the case. In each of the practice areas outlined below, Brown Law LLC is willing to consider engagements that control costs and insure the client is paying for results and not just hours.

In addition to direct contractual coverage claims every insurer faces extra-contractual claims whether deriving from coverage disputes or arising out of the handling of responses to policy and time limit demands or excess of underlying verdict matters. Brown Law LLC has both the sensitivity and judgment to catalyze effective approaches and solutions to these claims involving unique sets of risks to our clients.

Electronic privacy and data security are often the focus of cyber/technology matters that the Brown Law LLC litigates. Equal emphasis however is also placed on content liability and advertising injury claims that often can implicate unfair competition, trade secret, and trademark infringement issues.

Brown Law LLC also handles employment liability matters involving wrongful discharge, duty of loyalty claims, harassment, defamation, discrimination, and non-competition matters.

Our professional liability practice involves protecting professionals from the worlds of business, finance, accounting, and insurance from claims of misfeasance and malpractice involving various allegations of errors & omissions along with acts of negligence.

In the construction area, we lead litigation concerning defective construction, design errors & omission, substandard architectural engineering, construction-related accidents, building subsidence/collapse, and construction component deficiencies.

In the products area, we represent manufacturers, distributors, and designers of products across an array of industries including industrial equipment, consumer & food products, and building materials whether the claims arise out of personal injury or property damage.

In each of these practice areas Brown Law LLC employs the same methodology to achieve cost effective results. Our early case assessments are put together with an eye towards quickly identifying what the optimum intersection of the facts (from documents and witnesses), the law, and opinions from pertinent forensic disciplines is going to best present your case.

Resource allocation is geared to target efforts on identifying what sequence of legal activities is going to take the case quickly to those case inflection points and milestones where there will be opportunities for early resolution of the case at an optimal total litigation cost.

The litigation management plan is centered around creating verdict and settlement leverage not linearly developing discovery on issues that are a small piece of the puzzle but don’t change the big picture.

At Brown Law LLC, whether the matter involves professional malpractice, advertising injury, a construction accident or defective product you get a ‘hands on’, trial proven, senior lawyer always on top of adjusting, adapting, and improvising case strategy to effectively get the most out of your legal defense dollar.