Flat Fee Matters

At Brown Law LLC, simpler routine litigation matters can be handled on a fixed flat fee basis. This is a fixed cost, an all-inclusive legal fee through matter resolution. Historical data and experience prove that there are significant ranges of matters that can be handled successfully on a flat fee basis.

For more open ended matters that present as more involved depending on the occurrence of various developments and contingencies, significant cost control and predictability advantages can be achieved by agreeing on a flat fee for successive case phases including initial investigative phase, pleadings/related motions, written discovery, depositions, expert retention and report preparation, dispositive motions, and trial.

In routine, smaller value cases, part of the early case assessment should be a speedy determination as to whether the case should be tried or settled in its early stages.

Most matters do not present as zero liability matters that must be tried nor as virtually certain liability matters that should be quickly settled, but rather as disputes where the parties difference of opinion in the settlement value of the case may be in the range of 30-40% of maximum case value.

Particularly in lower value matters, the litigation management plan and budgeted legal expense needs to be developed proportional to what’s really at risk.

Agreeing to a flat fee is one way a client can ensure that costs are kept in line with what are appropriate expectations for return on investment for legal expense.