Measure Performance

As more clients seek to assure themselves that they are getting value for their legal expense dollar it is not surprising that more consumers of legal services are turning to ‘metrics’ to measure the value received.

Beyond a collection of favorable anecdotal ‘war stories’ trumpeting a firm’s success in specific matters, or a won/loss record at trial (for the less than 5% of lawsuits that actually proceed to verdict), clients want to know for a matter of a given type, “What will it cost me to litigate this and what is the likely result?”

Whether based on a client’s direct experience in repetitive litigation in one practice area or the firm’s experience in handling matters of the same type for different clients, it is reasonable to ask, “What is the average legal expense for a matter of this type and severity of claim? For a matter of this type and severity, what is the average judgment or settlement paid?”

The question, “How long does a claim of this type typically take to resolve?” is also a fair inquiry. If a firm has handled a number of similar claims, the percentage of matters that are settled at an early stage in the litigation compared to the number of claims that proceed at least to the courthouse steps right before trial commences is relevant as well.

Clients receiving an early case assessment and litigation management plan may well want to know the frequency and magnitude of the discrepancies between the firm’s projections and recommendations relative to legal expense budgets, targeted resolution objectives, and time to case resolution as compared to actual results achieved.

At Brown Law LLC the most important metric is the true total cost of litigation: the sum of attorney fees, related litigation expenses, and the settlement or judgment paid. It’s about results, costs, and the predictability of both.

A willingness to accept matters on a variety of alternative fee bases reflects the firm’s confidence in its ability to develop and execute case strategies in a lean, efficient way and deliver success.